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VR Games Library.

Check out our full VR games library below. Choose from over 50 exciting virtual reality games to play together inside our VR Gaming Arenas and VR Walk Station experiences in store.


You're in control, play as many games as you like during your session in-store. You can start, stop and change games whilst wearing your VR headset. We've grouped our in-store VR games into skill categories below.

Select a category.

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Christmas / Seasonal VR arena games.

Christmas themed VR fun for all the family to enjoy this festive season! Suitable for first-time players and upwards. Recommended for all play sessions and unlimited play pass experiences in-store.

- Don't forget to check out our new, magical "Christmas Story" VR Escape Game Adventure experience for 1-6 players here.

Snow Fortress
1-2 players | Christmas, Action, Snowball Fight
Santa Sling
1 player | Christmas, Casual, Slingshot
1 player | Christmas, Action, Shooter
Tippy Tree
1 player | Christmas, Casual, Puzzle
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First time VR arena games.

Easy to learn controls and loads of immersive fun. Great for trying VR for the first time!

Recommended for all play sessions and unlimited play pass experiences in-store.

Guns N Stories Bulletproof
1 player | Shooter, Action, Casual
Fruit Ninja
1 player | Action, Casual
Elven Assassin
1-4 players | Action, Shooter, Co-Op
Eye of the Temple
1 player | Adventure, Puzzle
1-6 players | Rhythm, Action
Dick Wilde
1-2 players | Action, Casual, Shooter
Galactic Rangers
1-2 players | Shooter, Sci-Fi, Co-Op
NYC Bungee
1 player | Bungee, Climbing
Audio Trip
1 player | Rhythm, Dance
Ninja Legends
1 player | Ninja, Action, Fight
1 player | Casual, Carnival Games
Loco Dojo
1-4 players | Casual, Mini Games, Party
Nefertari Journey to Eternity
1 player | Educational, History
V-RACER Hoverbike
1-4 players | Racing, Family
1 player | Casual, Mini-Games, Educational
The Blu
1 player | Cinematic, Educational
VR Paintball
1-7 players | Shooter, Fun, Family
VR Bowling
1-6 players | Sport, Fun, Family
Darts VR
1-2 players | Sports, Casual
VR Charades
1-6 players | Quiz, Fun, Family
VR Laser Tag
1-7 players | Action, Shooter, Family
VR Soccer
1-4 players | Sport, Fun, Family
1-7 players | Casual, Party Games
Google Earth
1 player | Explore, Open World
Eleven Table Tennis
1-2 players | Sport, Casual, PVP
Final Goalie
1 player | Sport, Casual, Action
Virtual Arctic Expedition
1-4 players | Casual, Explore, Educational
Dream Golf VR
1 player | Golf, Sport, Casual
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Intermediate VR arena games.

Larger, more challenging games that require a bit more skill - but still loads of fun!

Recommended for 60 min+ play sessions and unlimited play pass experiences in-store.

The Walking Dead: Onslaught
1 player | Zombies, Shooter, Violent
Island 359
1 player | Action, Adventure, Dinosaurs
Ultimate Fishing Simulator
1-2 players | Sport, Casual, PvP
1-4 players | Shooter, Action, PvP
Arizona Sunshine
1-4 players | Zombies, Shooter, Horror
Sam & Dan Floaty Flatmates
1-2 players | Puzzle, Casual, PvP
Pistol Whip
1 player | Wave-Shooter, Action
Swords of Gargantua
1-4 players | Sword Fight, Battle, Co-Op
1-7 players | Battle, Shooter, Sci-Fi
1 player | Action, Ninja, Fight
Operation Warcade VR
1 player | Military, Shooter, Combat
1-7 players | Action, Shooter, Flying, PVP
Racket: NX
1-2 players | Sports, Action, Sci-fi
Karnage Chronicles
1-4 players | Action, Fantasy, RPG
1 player | Horror
The Bellows
1 player | Horror, Adventure
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Advanced VR arena games.

Our largest, most advanced games requiring more skill and a learning curve to understand the game controls. Adrenalised fun!

Recommended for 60 min+ play sessions and unlimited play pass experiences in-store.

1 player | Adventure, Puzzle
1-7 players | Military, Warfare, Shooter
Virtual Army Revolution
1-6 players | Military, Shooter, Combat
Half-Life: Alyx
1 player | Adventure, Sci-Fi, Horror
Front Defense: Heroes
1-7 players | WW2, Combat, Shooter
Creed Rise To Glory
1-2 players | Action, Fighting, Boxing,
The Wizards
1 player | Adventure, Magic, Fantasy
Raw Data
1-4 players | Action, Shooter, Sci-fi
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Kids VR arena games.

Age appropriate, easy to master games that are guaranteed to ensure lots of fun and laughs for players aged 8+

Recommended for all play sessions and unlimited play pass experiences in-store.

Summer Funland
1 player | Casual, Mini Games
Angry Birds VR
1 player | Adventure, Shooter
Fruit Ninja
1 player | Action, Casual
Zombie Training Simulator
1 player | Shooter, Action, Casual
Just in Time
1 player | Adventure, Casual, Funny
Smashbox Arena
1-4 players | Family, Battle, Shooter
The Lab
1 player | Casual, Mini-Games, Educational
Loco Dojo
1-4 players | Casual, Mini Games, Party
Beast Pets
1 player | Simulation, Pets, Cute
Shooty Fruity Arcade
1 player | Funny, Shooter, Family
Mega Overload
1-2 players | Action, Arcade, Co-op
Clash of Chefs
1-2 players | Casual, Family, PVP
BAAM Squad
1-4 players | Casual, Funny, Zombies
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VR games to play on our Walk Stations.


Action-packed VR locomotion games that allow players to experience the incredible 360 locomotion technology to physically run and walk inside the games.

Recommended for all VR walk station play sessions and unlimited play pass experiences in-store.

Swords of Gargantua
1-2 players* | Sword-Fight, Battle
After H
1-2 players* | Sci-Fi, Battle, Shooter
Dungeon Knight
1-2 players | Fantasy, Adventure, Combat
Arizona Sunshine
1-2 players | Zombies, Shooter
1-2 players | Action, Shooter, Military
1 player | Sci-Fi, Shooter
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