Half-Life: Alyx VR game review

It's arrived! Play Half-Life: Alyx in store now. Get ready to experience this revolutionary VR game as you journey with a character called 'Alyx' in this latest instalment of the popular Half-Life franchise.

Chris (one of our XP-VR team members) put on a headset and tried the game yesterday for the first time. Check out the footage of him playing Half-Life: Alyx and read his review below.

Chris's review.

"My short experience of playing Half-Life: Alyx has been incredible. It really one of the most immersive experiences I've ever had. Being able to get up close and personal with characters, see the amazing lifelike animations and graphics make it so close to real life - it's scary! Being able to interact with most objects in the world, you can get lost for hours by just seeing what you can pick up or smash or draw etc. This is before you even choose to continue the story of the game!

About the game.

Half life: Alyx is a single player VR action adventure game made by Valve, the creators of such franchises as Portal and Left 4 Dead. In Half life: Alyx you place as Alyx Vance, a 19 year old member of the resistance who journeys through the quarantine zone in city 17, using a combination of guns and interaction of the environment, fight your way to a super weapon called "the vault".


The game play in half life: Alyx has been the most immersive experience VR has to offer. The combination of incredible graphics and character animation bring you right into the world and leave a lasting impact hours or even days after you take your VR headset off.

Interaction inside the world works via teleportation with one controller and using both triggers to grab objects within the world, some more intractable than others. You can grab marker pens and use them to draw on various white boards, even windows!

You can view the official Half-Life: Alyx trailer here.

"The world of city 17 is incredible. Seeing things happen around you, in the sky, on buildings and in the distance is so much fun. Being able to crouch and really inspect objects or look under tables is really cool. Weapons are extremely satisfying to use and I think the part that truly sells it for me is that everything you interact with - works the same as it would in real life (e.g. opening a door and peeping your head round the corner before you fully open it.)

All of these things make Half Life: Alyx a MUST PLAY for anyone looking to know what the future of VR is capable of!

How to book.

The game is only available on a very limited number of VR gaming arenas in store. Booking in advance is necessary so we can ensure to assign you to the correct arena. We would recommend a booking of 1.5 hours or more to enjoy this game fully. We support saved game progress, meaning you can carry on with your progress inside the game on your next visit to XP-VR.

Book online or call us on 01782 229259 to play Half-Life: Alyx now.

- Chris Saunders


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