6 weeks holiday family VR fun!

Looking for fun things to do with the family, or keep the kids entertained this 6 weeks summer holiday? Starting August 1st, we have over 40 virtual reality games and exciting experiences to keep everyone entertained!

We're open daily from 10am, booking essential. With prices starting from just £5pp per simulator experience and £18pp for an immersive VR gaming arena experience, we're a great value alternative to the the usual tourist attractions in Staffordshire and Cheshire.

We serve great coffee and spectators can enter and watch all of the action for free!

Book ahead online for our cheapest prices and earn loyalty points every time you visit too! Find out what to expect.

With over 40 games to pick from, we've handpicked 6 of our favourite family VR games that we recommend you try during your visit. We have lots of multiplayer VR games for everyone to play together, as well as some single player games for people to enjoy on their own.

Recommened multiplayer family games

Loco Dojo:

Loco dojo is a super friendly and fun part game to play against each other, spin the wheel in the centre for a variety of fun mini games and see you test your VR skills! You’ll gain points throughout the games until one is victorious and can gloat for the rest of the day.

The crazy contests, cartoon art style graphics and easy to understand controls make this a great game for all. Laughs are guaranteed!

Paintball / Laser Tag (Rec Room):

A game we always recommend here at XPVR if you’re playing together as a family is Paintball and Laser Tag. Great for kids (and adults!) and the controls are easy to understand. Once you’re in you can pick from capture the flag to team battle to see which team will come out victorious! Blast or splat eachother, duck and find cover and be the ultimate paintball or laser tag champion!

You’ll be able to speak to each other with our built in microphones, a variety of weaponry to keep ahead of the game. Who will unlock the master blaster gun?

Of course, there's so many more multiplayer games to enjoy duirng your visit. Pick and choose from our entire games library here. You can play as many games as you like and we'll show you how to change games from inside your headset as part of our safety briefing when you arrive.

Recommened multiplayer family games

The Lab:

The lab is a collection of amazing mini games by Valve, creators of Half Life: Alyx and frontrunners for some of the best VR experiences today!

From archery and slingshots to general messing around with any object you can find, make your way between different rooms and experience what each one has to offer. Everything works how your would expect it to in real life which is why we would recommend this for children and families alike.

Shooty Fruity Arcade:

Watch out! In Shooty Fruity arcade you must defend your till from evil fruits and veg, take aim and hold out for as long as you can while packing and scanning produce, how long can you make it for?

Expect to get drenched in fruit juice, covered in exploded juicy bits and generally make a right old mess of your supermarket checkout. The shopping will start piling up and the invading fruits just keep on coming. This is hillarious, crazy shooty fruity fun for children and adults!

Beast Pets:

If the kids aren’t too fond of all the action and crazy things going on - beast pets is definitely the thing for them! Enter a field of wonderful and cute dragon like creatures that you can feed, interact and play with. Perfect for anyone who’s fantasised about having a pet dragon!

...We've even got a dragon flight experience on our VR flying simulator for you to try!

VR Funhouse:

Step right up! In VR funhouse take part in multiple mini games that really make you feel like you’ve stepped foot into a real carnival! Shoot arrows, play whack-a-mole and many more. Great fun for those new to VR!

How to book

Book online today for the summer holidays and try something new. It’s something the whole family can enjoy. Check availability and book online or call us on 01782 229259 to play. Booking essential.


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