Mission Sigma.

VR Escape Game adventure.


Secret services have located and neutralised a known terrorist who has been hiding out in a deprived area of the city for the last ten years. This is where the good news ends. It turns out that on the roof of an abandoned high-rise the maniac has installed a nuclear warhead with a timer on it.

The building itself has been turned into a tower filled with intricate traps and obstacles. You have been recommended as a specialist in such puzzles, and the secret service has helped you infiltrate the courtyard. The rest is down to you and your team mates.

Can your team get past all the traps and preempt a nuclear attack? Play Mission Sigma VR Escape Game adventure exclusively, right here in Stoke on Trent.

Trailer and in-game screenshots.

Game stats.


2 - 6 players. Play and work together as a team inside the same game.


Find clues and solve puzzles as a team in order to successfully escape.


Difficulty: Beginner

Genre: Action

Suitable: Ages 8+


Tutorial: 5 mins. Can you escape the fastest in the remaining 55 mins?