Loyalty scheme. Earn points for free VR!

The XP-VR loyalty scheme rewards your loyalty with free rewards! You'll earn XP loyalty points every time you make a booking and visit us. When you collect enough XP loyalty points, you can then exchange your points for free rewards, such as free VR experiences or merchandise!

Earn and redeem points.

Click to enlarge the image below to find out how to earn XP points and get free rewards.

XPVR loyalty points Sept 2020.png

XP loyalty points scheme terms. 

(v2.0 10.09.20)

  1. Unless advised, updated points apply to bookings after 10/09/2020.

  2. Points are totalled and awarded to the customer that makes the booking only, If you wish to split points equally between multiple players in your group/booking then each player will need to advise us at check-in and a seperate account is required.

  3. It is not possible to retrospectively award points on future visits should players forget to advise us that they wish to have individually allocated points during previous visits.

  4. Points are automatically added to your balance at the end of your visit and may only be redeemed on your next visit, either in person or by making a telephone booking.

  5. Points are managed electronically by staff at XPVR. No physical or printed loyalty cards are provided to players.

  6. Players can check their points balance at any time by enquiring with a member of staff in store or by calling us directly.

  7. Individual player points can be transferred to other players upon request with the appropriate consent.

  8. We reserve the right to edit or remove advertised points and redemption rewards without notice, at any time. Points are awarded at the discretion of management for paid experiences only.

  9. Rewards may only be redeemed in-store and are strictly subject to availability.

  10. A valid email address and signed waiver form is required to participate in the loyalty scheme.


Specific terms for bonus points awarded (the boring bit...)

1. Refer a friend:


Tell someone about us and when they  book in and pay - they must tell us your full name (as the person referring) during check-in in order for us to award you with the referral bonus. Applies to new customers only. Referral points are awarded to each player that your friend brings with them during their first visit only.

2. Leave us a review online:

Let us know when you have left us a review on either our official Google listing, TripAdvisor page or Facebook page and we'll award you with points. Points are not automatically awarded and you must notify us in order for points to be given. Legitimate reviews are very important for our business so your review must be clearly identifiable as you being the author (i.e your name, date and time of visit for us to cross-check with your booking). 

3. Bring a new player with you:

Simply bring a new player with you during your visit (that has not already visited us before / registered an account) and tell us during check-in to be awarded with points. Players must attend and play with you during your visit as part of the same booking. You must also have booked with us before and have an existing account on our system to receive the points.


4. Tag @XPVRUK or #XPVRUK in a social post:

Let us know when you have tagged us using our official @XPVRUK or #XPVRUK hashtag handle on your social media post and we'll award you with points (per post). Points are not automatically awarded and you must notify us in order for points to be given. Your tagged post must be clearly identifiable as you being the author for us to cross-check with your booking to receive the points.

5. Achieve 1st place ranking on our leaderboards

We'll automatically award each player (providing they have a valid account with us) with bonus points for achieving 1st place / fastest time / best score on our XP-VR leaderboards. Points are awarded on the first time that you or your team achieves 1st place on our leaderboards. Our leaderboards are updated on our website monthly. Can you or your team retain the fastest escape time possible?