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Scroll down to see this month's highest scores achieved by players in our VR games below. Our game leaderboards are updated monthly with winners receiving extra bonus loyalty points!  Can you beat the highest scores and come 1st place?

VR Escape Game times.

Click to enlarge our 'Escape the Lost Pyramid', 'Beyond Medusa's Gate' and 'Prince of Persia: The Dagger of Time' VR escape experience leaderboard rankings below. Which team escaped the fastest?

dagger of time logo.png

Elven Assassin scores.

Click here to view the Elven Assassin archery experience leaderboard scores. Who survived the most waves, killed the most enemies and achieved the highest score?

Are you the ultimate Elven Assassin?

Elven Assassin.jpg

Arizona Sunshine scores.

Click here to view the Arizona Sunshine zombie shooter experience leaderboard scores. Who survived the most waves, killed the most zombies and had the highest accuracy?

Who is the best Zombie slaying champion?

Arizona Sunshine.jpg

Shooty Fruity scores.

Click here to view the Shooty Fruity leaderboard scores. Who scanned the most shopping, unlocked the biggest guns and blasted the most fruit in this crazy supermarket experience?

Can you become the best fruit-shooting shopping scanner?

Shooty Fruity.jpg

VR Racing Simulator scores.

Click to enlarge our VR racing motion simulator leaderboard below. Featuring our fastest lap times for California Highway Auto, Azure Coast Auto, Maglev Dead Space and Maglev Moebius race tracks.

Are you ready to test your racing skills?

Game not listed?

We have over 40+ different VR games to play in our games library during your visit. The majority of these games have built-in score leaderboards that can only be viewed inside the game. We can't pull the score data from these games to this page just yet.

You can still take a photograph of your score on screen before you quit the game to retain bragging rights!  Remember the saying... "proof - or it didn't happen!"