Incarna - Dimensional Break (Chapter 2).

VR Escape Game adventure.


Incarna adventures is an episodic multiplayer, collaborative escape game adventure which combines exploration, puzzles and fights and takes place in a dreamlike universe - another multidimensional world.


Designed for groups of friends or families, the players pick up their adventure where they left off. The game is extremely easy to handle since it requires only one button to play making it adapted to everyone, regardless of skill or experience.

In Incarna - Dimensional Break (Chapter 2) The dimension known as the “Alpha Aven” is currently undergoing a period of intense instability: structural distortion, environmental alterations, and even gravitational anomalies. Worse still, the chaos is spreading throughout Incarna's entire interdimensional network. The situation is dire.


You've previously proved your skills in Chapter 1 - but we need your team of explorers to return. Can your team venture into the unknown and find the source of the danger to save the Incarna Universe?


You'll need to complete Chapter 1 of the Incarna universe before you can attempt this experience (bookable separately).

Game stats.


3 or 4 players. Play and work together as a team inside the same game.


Find clues and solve puzzles as a team in order to successfully escape.


Difficulty: Intermediate

Genre: Fantasy

Suitable: Ages 12+


Tutorial: 5 mins. Can you escape the fastest in the remaining 45 mins?

Trailer and in-game screenshots.

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