What to expect. How it works.

On this page you can find out what to expect during your visit to XP-VR, Stoke on Trent. Have a look at the VR experiences that are available and learn more about the games you can play in our VR games library here. 

Our handy FAQ section contains answers to some frequently asked questions too.

1. Book your experience.

  • Our VR experiences are individually priced. If you haven't visited us before, we recommend our unlimited play pass ticket to allow you to play on everything for 2 hours.

  • You'll need to make a booking online or by phone to visit us Monday - Friday. You wont be able to enter our store midweek unless you have a booking with us. Same day bookings are accepted, but you must book online or call us in advance of your visit.


  • We're open Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays for walk-in customers, although we strongly recommend making a booking online or by phone as we are very busy on these days. See opening times below.

  • Be sure to browse our VR games library before you visit so you can get a better understanding of what games and experiences you can do when you arrive. Knowing what games you want to play when you visit will give you a better overall experience.

2. Sign your waiver online.

  • Once you've made a booking, all players will need to sign your liability waiver online before they arrive at the venue. If any players have visited us before then they do not need to do sign a new waiver providing they used the same email address to book with. 

3. Dress comfortably.

  • Playing on our VR equipment is a physical activity. Players may need to bend, move, crouch etc to get the best out of their experience. We recommend that all players wear comfortable clothes and footwear to play on our VR equipment. High heels are not recommended and you'll need to remove any footwear to play on our VR walk stations. The law now states that customers entering our store must wear a face mask covering when entering our store. This also applies to customers that are sitting to spectate and watch other individuals play. This law does not apply to customers that are playing on our VR equipment/wearing a VR headset inside our VR gaming arenas. See our Covid-19 safety page.

4. Arrive 10 minutes early.

  • Please arrive 10 minutes early before your booking is due to start. This allows us to check you in, sanitise your hands, complete your induction and get all players on the equipment in time. We will likely have other customers booked in after your booking, so late arrivals will experience shorter play times on the equipment. Don't be late - we usually can't wait!


  • All players will need to wear mandatory hygiene eye mask to use our equipment. You can bring your own VR eye mask with you (from previous visits) or purchase one from us to keep at check-in for 50p each. You will need to bring your own face mask covering to wear when you enter the store as per government guidelines. See our Covid-19 safety page.

5. Safety induction.

  • Once you've checked-in, you can store your possessions in our free lockers. Our team will then demonstrate how to use our equipment, show you the controls and assist you to fit your own VR headset. Players will be able to hear and talk to each other through the headphones and microphone built into every VR headset. Your play time will start once we've made sure all players are happy to start their experience.

6. Play.

  • Our virtual reality experiences make players feel like they are really there. As they are so realistic, our team won't interfere to avoid 'breaking immersion' whilst they are playing (unless they need our help). 


  • Spectators can sit back and relax on comfy seating around the venue. They won't miss a thing and can see/hear all of the action on TV screens attached to each item of equipment.


  • Players on a VR gaming arenaVR walk station or unlimited play pass experience will be able to play as many of our VR games that they want during their play time. They can browse our full VR games library, start, stop or change to a new game right from inside their VR headset. The screen menu also allows players to call our team for help and see how much play time they have left.


  • Our VR escape games and VR flying / racing simulator experiences are standalone, individually timed experiences. Players on these experiences will not be able to change the 'game' once the experience has started.

7. Fun memories.

  • Don't forget to let us take a photo of you and other players in your group before you leave. Who achieved the highest score and who made it onto our game leaderboards?

  • We upload memory photos every night to our official facebook page so you and your group can tag each other and download a keepsake of your XP-VR virtual reality experience in Stoke on Trent. 

  • You'll earn loyalty points on your visit too. Collect up XP-VR loyalty points to redeem for free VR on future visits!

8. Recommend us.​​

  • If you had a great time, please tell all your friends and family about us!


  • We'd really appreciate it if you could leave us an online review about your visit on TripAdvisor, Google or Facebook

  • Reviews are really important for small, local businesses like ours. We're not part of a chain and your reviews and recommendations really help us to grow. Thanks for your support!