Private Property

A co-op zombie wave defence shooter set in 18th century USA


Original setting
The game takes place in North America in the 19th century - to set the gameplay apart from similar products (i.e., the Hard West), we placed it in the picturesque forests of rural Montana, giving the player the opportunity to visit different locations like farms, towns, and railroad stations.

Broad Audience
The general atmosphere is meant to be witty and playful instead of dark and terrifying, making the game targeted towards a wider spectrum of players.

Instant fun with friends
Co-Op gameplay will allow 1-4 players to play in a drop-in drop-out multiplayer. We think the possibility of joining the game anytime is a great way to maintain multiplayer games while the VR player base is still limited.

Fun for all
The main challenge for each team is to defend a chosen location from the horde of zombies. The main design decision is that the zombies will not directly attack respective players - this makes the game great for all less hardcore gamers, as from our observation the direct contact with enemies can be immersion breaking for some players.

Comfortable experience
The players will move around by teleporting to a selected spot - the lack of in-game locomotion makes the experience comfortable.

Shooting mechanics - simplified!
Access to a variety of weapons inspired by authentic ones, actually invented (and used) at the described times
Simplified weapon handling - to fulfill the needs of early-adopters