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VR Escape Game adventure.


If only we could change the past, or witness the events that changed the world. The ghost town of Chernobyl can tell you its story. A story that cost lives and a disaster that still affects us today. 

The bus carrying you and your team crashes on the outskirts of Pripyat plunging you into a mysterious time anomaly. In an effort to find a way back home, you must travel through time, witnessing the events leading up to the date of the 1986 Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster. Using your geiger counter, work together to find relics of the past and use them to travel through time. Each time portal leads you closer and closer to the date of the catastrophe.

Is it possible to prevent the explosion? Can you and your team escape back to the present day? 

This experience contains upsetting scenes and is recommened for ages 16+

Trailer and in-game screenshots.

Game stats.


1 - 6 players. Play solo or work together as a team inside the game.


Find clues and solve puzzles as a team in order to successfully escape.


Difficulty: Medium

Genre: Action

Suitable: Ages 16+


Tutorial: 5 mins. Can you escape the fastest in the remaining 55 mins?